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What is VREng

VREng is an Interactive and Distributed 3D Application allowing navigation in Virtual Environments connected over the Internet using Unicast or Multicast if available.

VREng is free software under GPL license. It is written in C++ and uses OpenGL. Worlds and their objects are described in a XML format.

VREng is a Web3D which allows its users to navigate in Virtual Worlds like rooms, campus, museums, workshops, landscapes, networks, machines,... Visitors may interact with each other through their avatars. They may also communicate by exchanging short textual messages (Chat), audio and/or video channels, shared white-boards and interact with objects in the 3D environment like Web panels, virtual workstations, documentation on-line, MP3/Midi musics, MPEG audio/video clips, MPEG4 animations, and remote applications and servers. Morever, the user can put into worlds all kind of electronic documents and publish them to other participants on a message board keeping persistency.

VREng gives the opportunity to experiment with a more attractive and pleasant way accessing to multimedia data usually located in Web sites.

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